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What is the Difference Between Matcha and Traditional Green Tea?

Matcha and traditional green tea are made from the same plant but the preparation is what sets them apart. You will steap green tea for about five minutes in hot water. The traditional way of making matcha is with a bamboo whisk. Match has a stronger more grassier taste where green tea is more mild. Matcha is a full powdered form of the leaves giving it a stronger flavor.

Matcha Benefits

  • Boost energy

  • High in antioxidants

  • Enjoy caffeine without coffee jitters

  • High in L-theanine

💡Quick Fact: L-theanine helps lower stress and anxiety levels making tea a healing agent for your body

16oz or 24oz Iced

Honey with almond milk

Vanilla with oat milk

Strawberry with whole milk

Add Cold Foam or make it dirty with a shot of espresso

Want something different?

Try a matcha lemonade for something refreshing

Our Signature: The Green Hippie:

Organic unsweetened matcha tea powder blended with our sweet and spicy chai and milk. It's unusually DELICIOUS! Enjoy hot, iced or frozen!

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