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How to make Salty Turtle Espresso Martini

In this cocktail-meets-dessert recipe we’re leveling up your favorite espresso martini with a sweet, luscious salted caramel cold foam on top! This drink taste like a chocolate covered pecan turtle candy in a cup. So if you don’t have time to whip up a dessert for your next gathering, this recipe will do the job for you since it comes together so easily!!


Espresso Martini:

1oz coffee liqueur

1 oz vodka

1 oz freshly brewed espresso

3 whole coffee beans, for garnish

½ oz ea chocolate sauce and caramel sauce

Ice cubes

Cold Foam Topping:

1oz heavy cream

1/2oz 2% milk

½ oz caramel sauce

Dash of sea salt


Finely ground espresso

caramel and chocolate sauce

Combine the coffee liqueur, vodka and freshly brewed espresso in a cocktail shaker. Add ice, pop the lid on and shake until the cocktail shaker feels cold to the touch. Pour the martini in a serving glass. Add all cold foam ingredients into a small cup and whip to consistency with a small hand-held frother. Top yor martini with cold foam and garnish with espresso powder, chocolate and caramel sauce and top with optional fresh roasted coffee beans. ENJOY!!

For a non alcoholic version come down to Birchin and order a Salty Turtle

Our Salty Turtle can be made as a hot latte, iced latte, a frappe, or in a cold brew. Enjoy the sweetness, dessert in a coffee!

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