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Why Birchin Lane?

Thousands of prospective emigrants first learned about the Carolina Colony and booked passage to that distant land at a small coffee shop in the heart of London. From the 1670's to the 1830's, the small coffee house on Birchin Lane served as the epicenter for conversations about the colony, its business opportunities, and its residents. Where the very seedlings of what is now South Carolina were planted; Birchin Lane Coffee Company is a nod to the spirit of that coffee house that once existed on that still busy street.
It is our goal to provide comfort, and consistency while always looking forward to a New world. Just as those who strolled those streets did before us.


Where we came from

Hey, y'all!

We're Rob and Kim Meadows, the owners of Birchin Lane Coffee Co.

Rob was Born in North Carolina and raised in Florida. He just couldn't stand being land locked any longer.

So, we moved from Kansas City, Missouri, where we owned + operated a successful coffee shop and roasting company. We can't wait to bring the same high-quality beans and freshly-roasted coffee to the Grand Strand!

Give us a try! We're located in the Galleria Shopping Center in Myrtle Beach, SC


It's Simple.... Create Products that you like. We listen.

We constantly try new things.

We let you try new things.

Then guess who gets the last vote.... You.

We have over 20 years combined experience in the coffee industry. Multiple awards and certifications to our name, but none of that means a darn thing if YOU don't like what we do !!!!









8am - 3pm

8am - 3pm

8am - 3pm

8am - 3pm

8am - 3pm

8am - 3pm

9am - 1pm

**We may stay open later due to Volume


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